Feb 2019: Messersmith Lab Outing- Mussel Feast at the Beach!

24 February, 2019: At team of early risers arrived at Slide Ranch in Marin County at 9am to take advantage of low tide to harvest mussels by hand off the rocks. We were rewarded by a cold rain but this did not deter us. Eventually the rain and clouds yielded to partly sunny skies. The rest of the group arrived at 11am, after which it was time to clean each mussel before cooking them on the beach. Thanks to Dirk and Dasha for all the prep work- come back again next year!

Look at these beauties!2019-02-24 104024-1

 IMG_0591Collected and waiting to be cleaned.

These mussels secreted new byssal threads while awaiting their demise. This is why we admire mussels so much- always working hard!


The cleaning crew.


 Still cleaning.IMG_0589

Tao is supervising Jing.


The hard work is done. Waiting to eat.


Time to eat!


Skipping rocks. Nice form Max!


Group photo!


See you next year!

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