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Congratulations to Devang, Cody, Angie and Alyse on new paper published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces!

Congratulations to Devang, Cody, Angie and Alyse on their new paper published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces! The paper describes the synthesis of core-shell particles of resveratrol and polydopamine. Untemplated Resveratrol-Mediated Polydopamine Nanocapsule Formation DOI: 10.1021/acsami.8b14128

Postdoc Brylee Tiu is featured in a C&E News Story on Industry Funded Research

The story describes CARA, BASF’s alliance with California Universities. Our lab has been a part of CARA since January 2017. Read more here:  

The lab welcomes new graduate student Arianna Avellan

We are pleased to welcome our newest group member Arianna Avellan, a first year PhD student in MSE. Arianna graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering.

Sarah Spivack selected as Undergraduate Rapid Fire Finalist for the Society of Women Engineers National Conference!

Undergraduate researcher Sarah Spivack was selected as a Rapid Fire finalist at the upcoming Society of Women Engineers national conference this October. She was selected to give a short talk about her research developing adhesive patches for fetal membrane repair, and wins a travel stipend to attend the conference. Way to go Sarah and mentor Sally!

Postdoc Patrick Ruehs wins Best Poster at Biointerfaces International, 2018 – Congrats, Patrick!

Postdoc Kyueui Lee publishes two papers from his PhD thesis with lab alum Prof. Haeshin Lee

Aug 2018 – Congratulations to postodctoral scholar Dr. Kyueui Lee on the publication of two papers from his PhD thesis work in Advanced Materials Interfaces and Journal of Materials Chemistry B! Kyueui Lee, Minjae Do, Young Chang Seo, Haeshin Lee, “Wet-to-Dry Hybrid Spinning of Graphene Fiber Inspired by the Mechanisms of Spider Silk Production”, Adv. Mater. …

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Congratulations to former visiting scientists Chao Liang and Prof. Yi Cao on the publication of their paper on self-assembly of nanofibers by barnacle cement proteins

C. Liang, Z. Ye, B. Xue, L. Zeng, W. Wu, C. Zhong, Y. Cao, B. Hu, and P.B. Messersmith, “Self-Assembled Nanofibers for Strong Underwater Adhesion: The Trick of Barnacles”, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2018, 10 (30), pp 25017–25025.    

Congratulations to Katerina Malollari for passing her qualifying exam!

Messersmith group members to give several presentations at upcoming ACS workshop “Polymers in Medicine and Biology” in Napa, CA

The following presentations will be given by group members at the Polymers in Medicine and Biology workshop September 9-12 in Napa, CA: “Shear-Thinning and Self-Assembling Polymer Prodrugs for Drug-Induced Tissue Regeneration”, by Jing Cheng, Ellen Heber-Katz and Phillip B. Messersmith. “Slow-Release Formulation of Cowpea Mosaic Virus for In Situ Vaccine Delivery to Treat Ovarian Cancer”, …

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Postdoc Brylee Tiu presents at CARA Symposium and publishes work from his PhD research!

Postdoctoral scholar Dr. Brylee Tiu was one of only 12 researchers from various California universities invited to pitch his research and present a poster on mussel-inspired adhesives at the California Research Alliance (CARA) 2018 Summer Symposium held July 11 at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, CA. CARA is one of the 4 …

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