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Congratulations to Brylee D. Tiu, Peyman Delparastan and Max Ney on the publication of their paper in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces!

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Congratulations to Brylee D. Tiu, Peyman Delparastan, and Max Ney on the publication of their paper in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces! In this work, pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) were synthesized by copolymerization of dopamine methacrylamide (DMA) with common PSA monomers, with careful attention paid to the effects of catechol on adhesive and cohesive properties. A combination …

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Congratulations to Cody on his paper published in Angewandte Chemie!

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Congratulations to postdoc Cody Higginson on his paper published in Angewandte Chemie! This paper describes a family of bioinspired small‐molecule resins and main‐chain polybenzoxazines derived from biologically available catechols, which upon thermal curing yielded favorable mechanical properties compared to a commercial benzoxazine resin. These results highlight the utility of bioinspired design and the use of …

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Congratulations to Jing on her paper published in ACS Nano!

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Congratulations to former postdoc Jing Cheng on her paper published in ACS Nano! Check it out to see how we use supramolecular polymers for tissue regeneration. Supramolecular Polymers for Drug-Induced Tissue Regeneration ACS Nano, 2019, Accepted Manuscript

Congratulations to Devang for completing his MD/PhD!

Congratulations to former graduate student Devang Amin who will complete the Northwestern University MD/PhD program on May 19! Devang will soon start a residency in internal medicine at the University of Colorado. Best of luck, Devang!

Congratulations to Sally on the publication of her review “Biomaterials in Fetal Surgery”!

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Congratulations to Sally Winkler on her review published in Biomaterials Science! Check it out to learn more about how biomaterials are used in fetal surgery, and future needs. Biomaterials Science, 2019, 7, 3092 – 3109

Congratulations to Peyman for Winning March Materials Madness!

March Material Madness 2018 Wide

Congratulations to Peyman Delparastan for winning the lab’s March Materials Madness competition! See the bracket below. Peyman captured 51pts out of a possible 64pts, winning by a narrow one point margin! Congrats, Peyman!

Congratulations to Dirk and Sally on their review published in European Polymer Journal!

Congratulations to Dirk Balkenende and Sally Winkler on their review published in European Polymer Journal! Check it out to learn more about mussel, sandcastle worm, and cephalopod inspired materials and their use as tissue adhesives. “Marine-inspired polymers in medical adhesion”, European Polymer Journal 2019, 116, 134-143.

Welcome, Miriam Zintl – visiting student researcher!

Our lab is delighted to welcome Miriam Zintl, a visiting student researcher from TU Vienna in Vienna, Austria. Miriam is pursuing her masters degree in Chemistry and Technology of Materials and has a BS in Technical Chemistry from TU Vienna. In our lab, she is working to develop novel polymer tissue adhesives. Welcome Miriam!!  

Sally Winkler named to university-wide Lab Ops and Safety Committee!

Bioengineering PhD candidate Sally Winkler was one of only two student delegates named to the UC Berkeley Laboratory Operations and Safety Committee! Thanks to Sally for representing our lab and standing up for safety at Berkeley. Safety is part of science!

Congratulations to Cody Higginson on his Perspective in Nature Chemistry!

Cody’s perspective describes the newly published work of Prof. Yi Cao (Nanjing) and coworkers on a mechanochemical approach to accelerating maleimide–thiol adduct hydrolysis, thereby improving the stability of polymer–protein conjugates. Link to the perspective here (view-only) Link to the Cao paper here.

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